And as you feel the arms of Spirit around you, we want you to feel the messages as well
— messages given in The Third Language,
not the one I’m speaking in, but the language of the new energy,
the one that is delivered to you energetically and emotionally.
This Third Language says this to you:
"We know who you are.
We know what you are going through.
We know what is being presented to you.
We are celebrating with you.
We are dancing around you.
We love you!" Kryon

Alles entfaltet sich wie es soll.
Sei ehrlich mit Dir selbst,
und die richtigen Dinge werden
in Deinem Leben geschehen.
Erinnere Dich daran,
Dich selbst zu lieben,
Dich selbst zu ehren,
Dich vor Dir selbst zu verbeugen.
Denn Gott lebt in Dir als Du.
frei nach Robert Adams

Wissen ist gut, es braucht jedoch auch die Weisheit, es anzuwenden.
Bear Heart

There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen.

Alles entspringt aus Dir und mündet in Dich.
Neem Karoli Baba

Thoughts come and go.
Feelings come and go.
Find out what it is that remains.
Ramana Maharshi

Deine Absicht ist es, die Deine Welt erschafft.
Don Juan Matus

Ohne zu drängen und ohne zu streben sollte man das Leben weit öffnen und füllen.
Mario Mantese

The Follow Your Excitement Formula – Bashar's key to being your True Self and living your dreams:

Step 1
Act on your excitement, your passion, whatever is most exciting to you, in the moment.
Do this every moment that you can.

Step 2
Do this to the best of your ability.
Take it as far as you can go until you cannot take it any further.

Step 3
Act on your excitement/passion with absolutely no insistence, assumption or expectation of what the outcome should be.

Step 4
Choose to remain in a positive state regardless of what happens.

Step 5
Constantly investigate your belief systems.
Release & replace the un-preferred beliefs: fear-based beliefs, and the beliefs not in alignment with who you prefer to be.


It is always a great pleasure to witness people having the wonderful experience of:
„I can’t find my mind!?“

That’s when awareness begins to unfold in life.

We have to understand that real intelligence is consciousness, not memories.

Most of the people live out of their memories, they don’t live out of their intelligence.

And they identify with their thoughts.
They have misunderstood their thoughts to be them.
If you don’t identify with your thoughts anymore, everything will clear up.

So a good advice is to begin to release your memories and dissolve your past (but keep the lessons).

Becoming clear means stopping doing all the nonsense, all the activities of your personality.
Getting clarity means that you don’t mix up memory and intelligence any more.

You will get connected to your heart again.

And after all you will recognize that there is a place in you that is timeless.
loveliest paraphrasing Mooji

Es ist ein Zeichen persönlicher Würde und Freiheit,
die Unabhängigkeit zu besitzen, eigene Entscheidungen zu treffen.

Das Göttliche ist das Meer.
Alle Religionen sind Flüsse, die zum Meer hinführen.
Manche Flüsse machen große Schleifen.
Warum nicht direkt zum Meer gehen?
Mother Meera